Once again in Green Models, Lisbon!

My friends and brave Portuguese modelers did not have enough with February´s masterclass! They wanted more! They´re incredible!


This time, they were most than ready for our challenge. Not the first time, they are really veterans and knew exactly what was going to happen that weekend! Even the three rookies in the class worked like veterans with excellent results in their kits.

The first class was shocking for them, stressing and time demanding. Painting one Tiger I in just one weekend was something new and overwhelming. But in this occasion, the challenge was far more difficult, but they overpassed all my expectative! They´re incredible! More relaxed class and as usually, excellent results but in a more relaxed weekend. Professionals!


But all this would not be possible without the work and initiative of Nuno Alburquerque from Green Models. A big thanks for you, Nuno, you´re the man!


The challenge was painting a 1/48 Jagdtiger with two options: a 3 color camo or a winter camo. Each modeler decided the painting style and started to work at 9:00 on Saturday. With a calculated schedule for each step, most of the kits were finished at 19:00 on Sunday with excellent results. During the previous two months, in a closed group at FB, we built the kit together, shared many information and started to get prepared to the event, having much fun by the way!

Many concepts and new techniques were applied this time, as B&W with camo, acrylic weathering, texture paints, as well as the typical techniques already applied in the first masterclass, like washes, chipping, oils, pigments, so on.


And here you can see some of  the fantastic kits finished that weekend!













But this is not the end … they´re ready for the next B&W advanced masterclass with pre-weathering!

And you? Are you brave enough to join the B&W army?