Here you´ll find my schedule of future travels to contests and shows. Maybe an excellent way to meet me in those shows and have a nice time together talking about anything but modelling!

Saumur 2015

France, Saumur …. for me always a very special destination Why? Maybe Saumur is the best AFV´s Museum around the world and, most of all, I´ve got many real friends from many years ago as Saumur was my first modelling´s travel outside Spain, and also I´m a regular contributor for Steel Master´s magazine since many [...]

Shizuoka (Part I)

Nowday, people are obsessed with money, with the latest mobile and the fastest cars, with expensive clothes, jewels, luxury and exclusive restaurants. But in my opinion, life is not measured in dollars or euros, but in life experiences and friends. Therefore, I can say that my life is being a truly successful life even though [...]

Crazy May!

May will be a crazy month! On May 13th I´ll go to Japan to visit my very good friend Norio Takemura and Shizuoka Fair. As you can imagine, as it´s my first time in Japan, I´m nervous and excited like a child! I´ll visit the fair, and on Monday 18th I´ll make a demo from [...]