France, Saumur …. for me always a very special destination


Maybe Saumur is the best AFV´s Museum around the world and, most of all, I´ve got many real friends from many years ago as Saumur was my first modelling´s travel outside Spain, and also I´m a regular contributor for Steel Master´s magazine since many years ago. So, French modelling´s world is very close to me …


This time I visited the Museum thanks to Ammo of Mig Jimenez, who nicely supported and helped me to make a several hours painting demo at the German´s Room in the Museum, close to my very good friends from Warpaints, a stunning new French´s modelling forum. And I must say that this Forum is only of the few I use to actively participate (not so often as I´d like, I must say …). Here they´re are! Many thanks for your warm welcome and for taking care of me!


Carlos Cuesta and Cosme “Captain Salami” from Ammo, Laurent Stankowiak and my very good Ivan Garnier (Super Sherman M-51 builder and owner)


This time I must say …. So sorry! I was so busy and overwhelmed by the demo that I´d no time to take a lot of pictures. Thanks God, my very good friend Casu Danilo come´s to rescue me and he allowed me to post some of his really nice pictures from the show. Thanks mate! (in the middle)


And yesssss!! With Laurent again! Great and crazy modeler!



Every travel has something that makes it special. This time, the surprise was… sleeping in a camping! Do not get me wrong, I´ve got nothing against the camping but I´m not used to them! I must say that it was a funny story (just not so funny when you have to walk 100 m at night to go to the toilet!) and I had a very “special showel” from my very good friend Guillaume Claisse! (wanted dead or alive)


The two bad boys of the party …. but so so so so so funny! … Cosme and Guillaume!


The Museum is a must for every AFV´s enthusiast. Many rooms full of nicely restored vehicles and, really important for the modeler´s family, a wonderful town and countryside to visit too, with the River Loira as an awesome attraction place itself. I strongly recommend this contest for all the family! Four years ago I was there with my family and it was a wonderful experience for all of us … tanks and quality tourism, what else!!



And what make this Museum different … the moving vehicles!





In these picture, Jose Duquense …. thank you so much!



But I want to continue this story with a tribute to “the man”: Sébastien Tartar who was helping me and translating my comments during the demo. Thank you so much my friend! And be careful with tank´s barrels next time!





Because things happens … the best glue for modelling always close to me!


And … ladies and gentleman. Let me introduce to you to SIR Frederic Astier.


What can I say about this man? As a regular contributor since the beginning of Steel Master, Frederic is just one of the most complete and prolific modeler I´ve ever known. Even before I start to make kits, I bought Steel Master´s magazine (I´ve got the FULL collection at home, no missing numbers!) and his works  were always an inspiration for me. And I was really pleased and honored to meet him at Saumur. He exceeded my expectations .He is not only a great modeler but also friendly and a very nice person. A true gentleman. Thank you so much for your friendship! Will follow your work!

Here we´re during Saturday´s dinner with Romain Durocher. So sorry, my very good friend Franck Bazin was also there but no picture of him! I just was a little bit sad because not too many friends from AMAC 35 came this time….


Romain sent me a pic of his amazing tractor! Thank you so much! I´ll really enjoy the article that Steel Master will publish about your awesome work pretty soon!


My very good friend Emilien Pepin, my editor at Steel Master, the man who trusted me to make my first book…a true friend and an excellent professional…. but now not in his best moment! Lol!


Eric Philippe (sitting) … another gentleman I find in many places around the world! Do you remember him from Shizuoka too?


I was lucky as I also met my old and good friend Antoine Puzo (and very glad to see that one of his latest works has been published in Steel Masters). One of my French favorite modelers…. (and waiting for a picture of his latest work!)


And also time to meet new friends as Phil Kog and old friends like Johan Camus and Kent Brazeau …. Always a pleasure to meet you! Thank you for your friendship!


And Nico, another great modeler … his awesome 1/72´s T-34



The modelling contest was also a success, as usually, full of nice works and impressive kits and dioramas. And, very important, new generations are taking their place! Future is here! My new friend Théo Boisset with his well-deserved silver medal.



Now … I just can´t wait for next year event!

See you soon!