Some months ago, my good friend Max Wang from Diopark sent me many of his Diopark´s references and I must confess that I was delighted with all them. And one of them arrived in the perfect moment as I was preparing a work where tools and accesories played an inportant role.

The set is just extraordinary. The quality of the molded parts is just awesome, the state of the art in plastic injection!. Easy to remove from the sprues and the quality of the plastic is great, not too soft and the definition and the detail´s level is outstanding. The set include a nice bunch of tools, a worktable with operable draws and many other «strange» devices so typical in workbenchs and garage.

Actually you can find other tool sets, mostly made with PE Parts. From my point of view, the thickness and the lack of relief in the PE parts are a serious handicap. And, of course, you have to prime the PE parts, remove them with care, file and sand the elements …. For sure, resin is another excellent option, just removing delicate parts from the resin blocks is the handicap for me… as well as the typical bubbles and warp.

So, in my humble opinion, this set is a MUST HAVE if you want to add a special touch here and there in your dioramas or vehicles adding tools and garage´s stuff.


I used them in one of my latest works, a German Raümer S. You can see the result in the following picture, just look at the level of detail of the spanner!

Just one serious annoyance …. where´s Factory Tools Set 2????????????