During several years I´ve used many kind of glues from many brands. But finally, I can say that I´ll be loyal to a brand …. Colle21

A pair of years ago I was introduced to Casu Danilo in France. He was one more of the dozens of salesman that populate fairs and contest. But, this time, he become not «another one» but just ….THE MAN AND THE PRODUCT!. I felt not only impressed by the glue, but also for the professionalism and friendliness of Casu.

He provided me his two main products, the typical cyanoacrylate glue (fast drying) but also the gel, for slow drying with time to fit the small pieces before they´re devoured by the carpet´s monster.



And I tried the glue and it really works! I´ve used it not only to glue small pieces, but also important unions in my kits


I must say that I particularly prefer the gel, as I´ve got time for last minute fitting, but for small pieces complicated to hold while drying, the normal cyanoacrylate is outstanding. Just glue the parts, press firmly for some seconds and the union become clean and resistant. Anyway, I strongly recomend to apply all this cyanoacrylate and gel glues from any brand with a mask, using a really sharp tool like a pin or a blade. Be careful and do not touch the glue with your fingers! And protect your eyes!

Thank you Casu … you´re a greeeeeeat man my friend!