I´m feel really happy to inform you that the new B&W painting set has been released and frankly speaking, this is the definitive set to take this technique to its best. This is not just a set including some basic paints, it´s the result of a really hard process of developing new products perfectly suited for my painting technique and style.

And don´t get wrong, this is not a set including just some white and black paints. For me, this set is a real revolution not only because the technique itself but because the new horizons that some of the products inside will open in front of the modeler.

Just a few tips about this set…

– Do you imagine your Ammo acrylic paints working like an ink, transparent over your kits, no matter if a ship, airplane, tank, or any other?
– Do you imagine making easily a contrasted color modulation with just black, white and a base color?
– Would you like to know a way to dramatically reduce your painting time for a base color?
– Do you imagine to make weathering and chipping before the base color?

This is just the top of the iceberg … keep tuned!

I just can say that it works because I use it on my kits, no more to say. No traps, no false promises. B&W to its best!

Change your wrong ideas about using acrylic paints with an airbrush and join us!


Use black and white basic paints to create your B&W Base


All the pre-weathering effects can be easily made using the washable paints included in the set.



An the real star of the show, Transparator. It converts any Ammo paint in to a really suitable and transparent ink! Much better than any other option like adding more thinner to any paint! Real and nice colors for your kits!



And something really important. It REALLY works! Nearly all my latest kits have been painted using this set during the development of the set during these last months. And used in some of my latest demos and masterclasses “on live” at París, Eindhoven and Lisboa.