In this post, you´ll see how does the B&W Technique and pre-weathering works. As you can see, the left side of the Sherman has applied the Olive Drab color on the B&W Base. Just check how all the light effects, the contrast and the pre-weathering effects can be seen throughout the base color.

As more thinned is the paint, it´ll get longer for you to apply and see the base color over the B&W Base but you´ll control much better the degree of contrast in the kit. Remember, it´s a slow process!

Sherman BW_YS_1

Sherman BW_YS_2

Sherman BW_YS_3

Sherman BW_YS_4


Do you want to see the real one? Just visit the Yellow Submarine at Tokio! …. and also my T-55 Enigma!


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