DIOPARK REFERENCES 35007, 35012 & 35013

Actually we´re living a new “Gold Fever” with Dioramas. Making a diorama is the “state of the art” of modelling, as you should not only built and paint nice figures and vehicles, you need a realistic “theater stage”, tell a history and create an atmosphere.
And in this “Gold Fever”, the protagonist are not always […]

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During several years I´ve used many kind of glues from many brands. But finally, I can say that I´ll be loyal to a brand …. Colle21
A pair of years ago I was introduced to Casu Danilo in France. He was one more of the dozens of salesman that populate fairs and contest. But, this […]

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Some months ago, my good friend Max Wang from Diopark sent me many of his Diopark´s references and I must confess that I was delighted with all them. And one of them arrived in the perfect moment as I was preparing a work where tools and accesories played an inportant role.

The set is just extraordinary. […]

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Although I use prefer my brushes for painting scratches and chippings, I´ve decided to try Ammo´s Chipping fluid. With a really battered vehicle, hairspray´s technique is unbeatable as many modelers have demonstrated during these last years. Thanks Phil Stutcinskas!!!

So, for one of my latest works, I decided to try this tehcnique as I use to […]

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