In this area you´ll find the different new releases that I find especially interesting about modelling. Do not look just for AFV´s stuff! You´ll see here anything that seems attractive to me and I hope that also for you! For sure, you´ll find a review of them soon in my website.

B&W Painting set!

I´m feel really happy to inform you that the new B&W painting set has been released and frankly speaking, this is the definitive set to take this technique to its best. This is not just a set including some basic paints, it´s the result of a really hard process of developing new products perfectly […]

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New life!

My dear Friends:
As you have noticed, during these last weeks this website has been too quiet. No new post, no new information … nothing.
Time for some explanations!
These last months have been the more exciting and hard of my life.  Modelling life has been really exciting. Masterclasses at Lisboa and Paris, fantastic contest at Eindhoven […]

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Painting guide for AFV of World War II and modern era …. Japanese Edition!!!

I´m really happy to announce the recent release of my book “Painting Guide for AFV of World War II and modern era” in Japanese edition!

So cool!

Thank you very much to Shinkigensha for publishing the book and specially to Eiji Ishii for his invaluable help!

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French power!

I´m so happy about this new release from the new Hong Kong´s brand Tiger Models! (I feel also French modelers’ excitation from here!) Really interesting and attractive subjects … for sure I´ll make that AMX-10! Such an interesting item, I need it! Can´t wait to have it at home!

My compulsive instinct strikes again. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For […]

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Tamiya´s new tooling Panther D

Exciting new from Tamiya!

A Panther D brand new kit soon available!

A new kit from Tamiya is always welcome. Not a new kit for modelers as Dragon has a nice kit (actually, several kits) of this version, but for Tamiya lovers like me, it´s the perfect excuse to make one!

But be careful! Seems that metal […]

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1/48 M-113 ACAV (Gaso.Line)

Always a new 1/48 kit is a great notice for the quarter-scale modelers. But this one is an excellent and very pleasant surprise for me as there´re not too many modern AFV´s in this scale. And if the kit is produced by my friend Olivier from Gaso.line … quality is ensured!

Can´t wait to have […]

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I always have a big problem when I make a diorama…. the base! I´m a lazy modeler …
But my friend Max Wang from Diopark has the perfect product for me!. Nice looking with the sizes I need for my works, from just a sigle vehicle to a larger base for a vignette or a […]

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