Painting a 1/48 during a weekend is possible! Wanna try? Just put in contact with me and with your club, friends or assosiation whe can organize a real challenge!

During this classes, just take your already primed kit and we´ll paint it together. All the painting steps and weathering techniques required to finish your kit and take it home! Not just B&W, you´ll see me working on live with the airbrush, oils, washes, pigments…. on live! and I´ll help you to finish your own kit

Class 1: Basic B&W. Panzer grey. Subject: Tiger I
Class 2: Advanced B&W. 2 color camo. Subject: Jagdtiger

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Once again in Green Models, Lisbon!

My friends and brave Portuguese modelers did not have enough with February´s masterclass! They wanted more! They´re incredible!

This time, they were most than ready for our challenge. Not the first time, they are really veterans and knew exactly what was going to happen that weekend! Even the three rookies […]

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Green Models. July 4-5th. Lisboa

Green Models. July 4-5. Lisboa


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Quarter Kit. October 3 and 4th. Paris

Quarter Kit. October 3 and 4th. Paris

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Wilnsdorf 2015. 10 hours Masterclass Jagdtiger

A new extreme challenge!
Wilnsdorf, April 25th.
A group of excellent but crazy modelers in a fierce struggle against time and the odds to paint a 1/48 Jagdtiger… this is the history of that day …..
The kit for this challenge, the excellent Tamiya´s 1/48 Jagdtiger tank hunter. An easy and quite fast to build kit, with […]

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GREEN MODELS WORKSHOP: February 28th – March 1 (2015)

During February´s last weekend, I had the pleasure to spend a really nice time with an awesome (and a little bit crazy!) group of friends from AMM (Montijo, Portugal). At Green Models´shop, in a really well organized area for workshops (Nuno, you´re the best my friend!), we shared 18 hours of extreme modelling, fun […]

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