In this area you´ll find full articles of some of my old and recent kits in the same way as you´d read them in a magazine but with HR pictures.

And not only B&W articles! I will share with you some of my kits where I used quite different techniques, materials and I´ll show you some of my favourite tips

Hope you like it! Enjoy!

B&W Technique: “Then and now”


In this post, you´ll see how does the B&W Technique and pre-weathering works. As you can see, the left side of the Sherman has applied the Olive Drab color on the B&W Base. Just check how all the light effects, the contrast and the pre-weathering effects can be seen throughout the base color.

As more thinned […]

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Painting a B&W´s three colors camo

In this tutorial, I´ll show you how to paint a camouflaged tank using the B&W Technique.

As usually, we´ll start priming the kit. I know, I´m really insistent with this, but it´s so important! All the forthcoming steps depend on a nice and smooth surface free of debris, dried primer or dust.

This is a very important […]

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Step 1: Surface primer 

There are a lot of possibilities and products you can use.

For kits just made with plastic, a nice coat of grey or even black (or white) is sufficient (but never forgets to clean the plastic parts with water and detergent!).

But in multi-media kits, special care should be taken with metal and […]

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Basic Tips for taking pictures of your kits

I´m far from being a good photographer, but maybe this basic ideas can help you a little bit to improve the quality of your pictures.

Nowadays, in a global world, if you want to show your kits at internet or any forum, the quality of the pictures really make the difference.

Hope you find this useful!


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BASIC TECHNIQUES: Painting accesories for 1/48 Kits.

Many many modelers use to make me this question time after time.

Unfortunately, there´s not an answer for this. It depends on how easy is to paint them once glued, for example. It also depend on the vehicle historical´s context as sometimes crews used to paint the tools at the same time as they painted […]

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SDKFZ 234-2 8 RAD “PUMA”

As a fervent supporter of the quarter – scale, Italeri´s Puma was a shock for me as this eight-wheeled vehicle is one of my favourite WWII wheeled vehicle. As once as I saw it available at Gaso.line Olivier´s shop, I couldn’t resist and I bought it without thinking about anything but making and painting […]

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In this step, you can see Gunze´s Metal primer. I always apply this primer with a brush over the metal surfaces…. Gun barrel, PE parts …. All metal parts are covered with a thick, really thick coat of this product. This protects the metal parts from aggressive painting thinners and avoid the […]

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